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Cookies policy

Arval Cookies Policy

Arval Service Lease ("Arval") is committed to delivering the best possible service to you and we wish to maintain the confidence that you place in us. As part of this, we take care to protect your data when you use any of our services and have adopted strong principles across the Group to ensure the protection of your data. As such, we would like to provide you with clear information about how we use and store cookies from our website and/or our mobile application (the "Website" and/or "Application") on your device. This Cookies Policy will also explain what cookies are and help to provide you with options on how to manage or delete them.

  1. What is a cookie?

    Cookies are small text, image or software files that are placed and stored on your computer, your smartphone or all other devices used for accessing the internet when you visit our Website and/or use our Application. The term "cookie" used in this policy should be understood broadly and can also refer to alternative technologies used to store information on your device (such as Flash cookies, fingerprinting, invisible pixels, HTML5 localStorage, tokens etc.), depending on which device you are using. The word "device", when used in this Cookies Policy, refers to computers, smartphones, tablets and all other devices used for accessing the internet. Cookies perform a number of useful functions, such as to:

    • Authenticate and identify you on our Website and/or Application in order to provide you with services that you have requested.
    • Enhance the security of the Website and/or Application, including to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and protect user data from access by unauthorised parties.
    • Remember information that you provided to us (e.g. to automatically populate forms with information that you have previously provided to us so that you can log on more quickly).
    • Keep track of your preferences and settings in your use of our Website and/or Application (e.g. language, time zone etc.).
    • Monitor your use of our Website and/or Application in order to improve them.
    • Enhance your user experience by adapting and tailoring the content on the Website and/or Application to your interest and providing more relevant BNP Paribas ads and content to you on non-BNP Paribas websites and non-BNP Paribas applications.
  2. What kinds of cookies do we use?

  3. How can you manage cookies?

    To provide your express consent for us to use certain categories of cookies as outlined in this Cookies Policy, you can tick the optional boxes provided in our cookies preferences tool which you can access anytime at Cookie Settings. Please note that we do not need your consent to use strictly necessary cookies which are cookies which are strictly necessary to run the relevant Website and/or Application. This is why the 'strictly necessary cookies' option is already ticked for you in our cookies preference tool and is not an optional feature. It is also worth noting that, by not accepting certain cookies (e.g. preference cookies), you may prevent us from optimizing your experience on our Website and/or Application, and some parts of them may not function ideally as a result. If you change your mind about your chosen cookies preferences, you may withdraw your consent or update your preferences at any time by accessing the cookies preferences tool:

  4. Who places cookies on your device (i.e. Arval or third party provider)?

    In selecting which cookie(s) you are allowing on your device, please note that the cookies used on our Website and/or Application can originate from us or from third parties (those are generally related to analytics functionalities or social media platform integrations). From a practical point of view, this means that when you allow third party-cookies to be placed on your device, said third-party might have access to certain information about you (such as, for instance, your browsing statistics when you are allowing third-party analytics cookies). Cookies may be placed on your devices by us, however they may also be placed directly by third parties when you use our Website and/or Application in order for the relevant third party to:

    • provide us with services (such as Google Analytics services) allowing us to optimize our Website and/or Application; or
    • allow you to access content from third parties.

    If you would like further information about such third-party cookies, we strongly recommend that you check the websites of any such third parties and their privacy policies for more information about their cookies and how you can manage them. If you change your mind about your chosen cookies preferences, you may withdraw your consent or update your preferences at any time by accessing the cookies preferences tool.